Lost Treasures: The Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe The Lino Cuts of Bill Farran

Yarmolyntsi, Ukraine - Original Linocut

Yarmolintsy [Russian], Yarmolintza [Yiddish], Jarmolińce [Polish]

The earliest known Jewish community  in Yarmolyntsi was in the 16th century. Yamikyntsi was heavily damaged during the Khmelnitsky pogroms of 1648-49. In 1926, according to the census, the Jewish population was 2700. Yarmolyntsi was the site of mass murders by the Nazis. A Jewish mass grave was dug in 1941. Jews from Yarmolyntsi were murdered at this mass grave. In October 1942, after having been concentrated in Yarmolintsy, a number of Yarmolintsy Jews and Jews from other places were shot to death at the site of a former military base near Yarmolintsy. Jews who had been brought from Gorodok were briefly concentrated in a local building then taken to the murder site and shot to death by Germans. Most likely the wooden synagogue ceased to function as a place of worship when the town became part of the Soviet Union.

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