Lost Treasures: The Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe The Lino Cuts of Bill Farran

Vitebsk, Belarus - Original Linocut

Vitebsk is one of the oldest European settlements. Vitebsk has a long Jewish presence. The first synagogue was built in 1627. In modern times, Vitebsk was a large modern city with trade, industry and culture. 100 years ago there were 27 churches, over 50 synagogues and prayer houses. There was large Hasidic presence. Between the fighting during World War II, the Holocaust, and post war Soviet rule, all the synagogues, both wooden and stone, were destroyed. There are a handful of photos left to document the rich Jewish life of Vitebsk. There was an art school in Vitebsk run by Yehuda M. Pen that trained many great artist including Marc Chagall and Solomon Yudovin. It is from their art work that we can see the wooden synagogues of Vitebsk. This lino cut is fashioned after a woodcut of Solomon Yudovin. World War II was very destructive for the people of Vitebsk. Almost all its Jews were murdered and very few Christians survived the fighting between the Nazis and the Red Army.

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