Lost Treasures: The Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe The Lino Cuts of Bill Farran

Sapotskin, Belarus - Original Linocut

Sopotkin [Yid]

Sapotskin is a small town in Belarus, north-east of Grodno. Situated on the road connecting Grodno and Kovno, the town prospered on trade and forest products. After WORLD WAR I, this trade stopped when  Lithuania became an independent nation. Sapotskin was a center for the Zionist movement in the Grodno district. About 90% of the youth were members of Zionist groups, with many settling in Israel. During World War I, the citizens of Sapotskin suffered at the hands of the Russians and Germans as the town was occupied and liberated several times. Sapotskin became part of Poland in 1921 and suffered under the thumb of the new anti-Semitic Polish government. The ghetto of Sapotskin was liquidated in November 1942.

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