Lost Treasures: The Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe The Lino Cuts of Bill Farran

Przedbórz, Poland - Original Linocut Przedbórz, Poland - With Background

Yiddish name: Pshedbosh

The town was historically connected with the Polish Crown who reportedly contributed funds for the construction of its wooden synagogue, built after the previous synagogue burnt down in 1754. Its date of completion was noted on a wall painting stating, "This is the work of Yehuda Leib's own hands, 1760."

Regarded by many as one of Poland's most beautiful wooden synagogues with distinctive features, it attracted tourists to the small town. Its exterior was modest, while its interior contained a unique curved ceiling paneling along the single barrel vault with an intricate lunette and star motif that gave the impression of detailed curved lattice-work. The Baroque Torah Ark was elaborately carved with lions, flowers and animals. Other elements included ornate Corinthian capitals on the pilasters, elaborate interior wall paintings, a menorah, an illustration of Psalm 137 with trees beside the River Babylon, musical instruments hanging from the branches, landscapes of towns and the texts of prayers surrounded by garlands of leaves with flowers.

The synagogue of Przedbórz was destroyed in 1939 by the Nazis.

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