Lost Treasures: The Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe The Lino Cuts of Bill Farran

Pogrebishche, Ukraine - Original Linocut Pogrebishche, Ukraine - With Background

Yiddish name: Probishta

Previous name, country: Pohrebyszcze, Poland

Pogrebishbische’s establishment is traced to the 12th century, with a Jewish population ranging from 2,494 before 1897 to 2,881 in 1926. In 1690, this small shtetl’s wooden synagogue was constructed on the ruins of the previous synagogue which had been badly damaged during the Chmielnicki revolt of 1648-1649.

After the partition of Poland, Pogrebishche’s location was in Galicia, Austria-Hungary, populated by Poles, Ukrainians and Jews. Galicia was caught in the middle of the post-World War I Polish-Ukrainian-Russian conflicts and fell victim to a rising wave of pogroms killing between 50,000 and 200,000 Jews. However, the Jews of Pogrebistche were well known for their self-defense forces. Almost all Jews were armed with rifles, revolvers, hand grenades, bombs, and more. It was not an uncommon thing to see in the street an old Jew with a long grey beard carrying a rifle on his shoulder. Women and old people who could not handle firearms were armed with improvised lances, hatchets, clubs, and sulphuric acid. The men of the self-defense detachment were organized on a military basis, holding off many attacks. However, they were disarmed by "friendly government forces", promising to protect them, but who quickly killed them in horrible pogroms.

When the Russians took over Pogrebishische in 1919, the wooden synagogue ceased to be a house of worship. The city was overrun by the Germans on July 21, 1941. On October 18th, over 1,750 Jews were murdered in a nearby forest and the Jewish town of Probishta ceased to exist.

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