Lost Treasures: The Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe The Lino Cuts of Bill Farran

Jurbarkas, Lithuania - Original Linocut, Color Jurbarkas, Lithuania - Original Linocut, Black & White

Yurburg [Yiddish]

Yurburg was world famous for the wood carved Aron Kodesh (Holy Ark) in its old synagogue, which was built in 1790. People found it hard to believe how such wonderful birds, animals and flowers could be carved out of wood, climbing from the floor all the way up to the ceiling.  Tourists visiting Lithuania would come to Yurburg especially, in order to see this magnificent and ornately carved Aron Kodesh.  Around September 1941, the town’s Jewish people were murdered and buried in a mass grave. The synagogue was burnt to the ground.

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